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I know I’ve been neglecting my blog for a while but for a good reason: my own relax :mrgreen: I wish all my readers could understand Italian, because I’m sure I could publish much more posts if I would write in that language, or what has been left of it… But blogging in (broken) English sounds anyway cooler and more elegant…

Friday I understood it wouldn’t have been a perfect day when I went out of my house. I met my sexy neighbor while I was going to pick up my bike, I was really staring at him (I guess my mouth was even half open) and he felt forced to nod when I saw a girl with him… 😡 … obviously his sister… Am I using to many dot-dot-dots? Anyway, during the rest of the day nothing worth to be mention has happened: I completed some tasks at work and I had a delicious lunch break with Sveta at Pasta Tricolore (former Pasta di Mamma), where now the brown bread costs € 0,50 more than the white one 😕 It was once the bread for poor people (my father still avoid it for that reason) and now an elitist product.

The Writers Guild of America’s strike, luckily over (I’ve been reading somewhere that Desperate Housewives is supposed to be already back in April), definitively has at least one victim: my taste in TV shows. I even ended with watching the pilot of Knight Rider 2008. Next time I do something like this you may ask euthanasia for me. But, on the other hand, I also discovered that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is not bad at all! I always love the Terminator series… well, wait… the first movie is fine, the second is a masterpiece (not only because of the soundtrack by Guns N’ Roses) but the third… let’s just forget it, ok? Anyway, the plot is really nice: robots that travels back in time to either kill or protect the future leader of the human resistance, John Connor. In other words, a mess of time paradoxes :mrgreen: I watched the first 7 episodes in a couple of days and I was quite satisfied but I was wondering whether Microsoft was sponsoring the show as apparently Apple does with Heroes or House. When John Connor goes to an internet cafe, he definitively uses Windows Vista 😕 but some other characters have an iMac on which they interestingly put some stickers to cover Apple’s logo :mrgreen:

I started watching this show because, after Nana, I wasn’t really in the mood for another Japanese anime. I sometimes consider them just as movies or TV shows, especially when I’m asked why I love them so much. But, of course, they’re much more than the Japanese equivalent of western entertainment products: the way they’re developed is completely different. Those I prefer, for instance, don’t really have any kind of message or a happily ever after: you just watch them, you’re forced to feel something, to ask yourself for answer you don’t find in the show. It’s simply amazing! But it’s also difficult and I don’t always feel like watching them. However, for I didn’t have any more American shows to watch I started during last weekend to watch a new anime: Noein. Interesting, but still very cryptic so far… as usual 😉


5 thoughts on “You could be mine

  1. Yeah, I know what you mean about character development.
    But on the other hand, you hadn’t watched Six Feet Under which is the best TV series I’ve ever seen, or if you’d like to have great character development but without the complication of reality you should really give a try to Babylon 5.
    And on the third hand (shut up!) you watched only some anime’s coming from the Japanese industry. If you had watched many more, you’d be very disappointed on many. And besides you watched only what I tell you to!

  2. Well, I’ve been already disappointed by, for instance, Aquarion.
    On the other hand, my favorite anime ever, Death Note, was suggested by me to you! Not to mention Monster or Darker than Black 😉
    They are just a few, but still…
    I’m not trying to say, anyway, that Japanese anime are automatically better… Just different (obviously).

  3. Obviously different (speaking of which you gotta watch Paprika, Millennium Actress and Paranoia Agent — not necessarily in this order)
    Monster is too long and I don’t want to start anything that long. Darker than Black I didn’t start for one reason or another.
    But I knew about both before you told me about … the only one that slipped behind my radar was Death Note. Sad but true.

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