A little pain

After the last post named after a song by the Sex Pistols, I really need to talk about ナナNana, one of the most dramatic anime I’ve ever seen. When ilGrisa first mentioned it, I thought it just had a nice plot, but I never expected to empathize so much with one of the main characters (小松奈々 – Komatsu Nana, aka ハチ – Hachi). Two girls, both 20 years old, both ナナ – Nana, meet on the train to 東京 – Tōkyō, but despite those and many other coincidences, they’re really different. 大崎 ナナ – Ōsaki Nana is a punk rock singer who is trying her best to be successful with her band, BLAST, while Hachi is moving to Tōkyō for love of her boyfriend 遠藤章司 – Endō Shōji. The former looks very mature and knows how to manager her life, the latter is completely unaware of the outside world, she gets continuously fooled and she easily falls in love with all the nice guys she meets. However, life is not that simple, for none of the two. Soon, Hachi has to face the consequences of her frivolous choices and finally grow up; Nana, on the other hand, shows her darkest and most jealous side when she discovers she can’t live without Hachi. The story of my life :mrgreen:
Unfortunately only after 47 episodes I realized that only one season was produced and that the story continues on the manga which has not come to an end yet either… I will patiently wait while listening to the very good soundtrack, ilGrisa is missing by only reading the manga.


5 thoughts on “A little pain

  1. Guessed you copied kanji and kana from a website, but I don’t get why to use the katakana for hachi.
    Anyway since I’m a smart-ass I’m listening to the soundtrack even though I’m only (for now) reading the manga.

  2. I obviously didn’t copy any kanji or kana! I wrote them all by myself and it was my personal style to use katakana for hachi :mrgreen:
    You’re such a (_E=mc²_)

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