Sound of drums

Honestly, sometimes I think that my life without blogging would be much more relaxed. Yesterday for instance I was simply looking forward to eat my mozzarella and watch some episodes of Nana (just 3 left!): I just didn’t feel the stress of sharing my experiences about the past few crazy days. But then I thought about all my readers, how happy they make me by reading and sometimes commenting my posts and suddenly blogging made more sense: a way to thank them for the attention they give me. Mental masturbations…

Last Sunday, after a good lunch, I went shopping again for a short time with Elisa and she finally found her new boots. Unfortunately, far too soon we had to leave the town to catch the train to the airport: I really had a great time with her! On Monday… well… my life changed again, but I don’t wanna talk about it yet. Not here, not now…

On Tuesday the day at work was quite standard but in the evening I went to Utrecht (which I’m probably intended to visit only by night) for the Kula Shaker concert. The location was really nice, because I could go upstairs, escape the crowd and the smoke; it was just ridiculously small. The supporters, a Dutch band called Ponoka, weren’t too bad but after 45′ I couldn’t stand them any longer :mrgreen: The drummer looked quite interesting, though… At the very beginning I thought my English was very bad because I couldn’t understand a word the singer said to the audience, later I realized he was talking Dutch 😀 Kula Shaker performed almost flawless a lot of different songs: some of my favorites like Mystical Machine Gun, some rock tracks like 303 and some psychedelic like Hurricane Season which was the best of the whole concert. I was back home quite late and I went to bed at 3 o’clock; no wonder I was really sleepy at work yesterday :mrgreen:


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  1. Sei cattivo!
    Almeno a me dovevi lasciare la possibilità di difendermi da accuse denigranti! Non sono cinico! E non sono misantropo!
    Sono semplicemente cinicamente misantropo … uffa! Nessuno mi capisce 😥

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