Heaven out of hell

Friday evening I went to Schiphol to pick up Elisa who is visiting me until this evening. She landed at 11pm and at 4am we were still awake and chatting about everything. Yesterday we had a long day of shopping in the center of Amsterdam: we mainly visited the 9 straatjes, the Spui and the red light district. We had a lot of fun because we visited a woman only shop in which I helped her choosing her next best friend :mrgreen: It’s incredible the number of different functions, vibrations and rotations it has. Very satisfied (even before trying it out) we went then to a second hand shop and later for a coffee. It was almost evening when we had a tour of the red light district rating the girls behind the windows: I guess Elisa was much more excited by their sex appeal than me… It can’t be helped if I’m not lesbian. On Warmoestraat we spent some money at RoB where we both felt like home 😛 Ok, she was a bit shocked by some accessories but, after all, we found everything we wanted. The salesman was also quite cute… After a short visit in a coffee shop (which was surprisingly less smoky than a normal cafe) we ate a delicious dinner in a Dutch restaurant on Spuistraat, the name of which I always forget. My soup was great! After a coffee in Cafe de Jaren we went to her friend’s cousin place, close to Oosterpark, for a birthday party which we left quite fast to walk all the way back home… Wow, I’m so tired :mrgreen: but now it’s shopping time again.


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