Wake up

I almost never celebrated Valentine’s day. Exactly 10 years ago I had my family outing and although I broke my mother’s heart, she had some Baci Perugina for me 😛 My relationships never survived long enough to celebrate this day with someone, until I met Emanuele (I think this is his name) who had a fight in a restaurant in Pavia which had a special offer for lovers but refused to apply it for us… I suddenly felt like the only gay in the village 😕 One year later I met Jens on February 16 which is why we only celebrated once and just for our anniversary. The last time we went for a memorable week in Moscow, such a great city! Sometimes people ask me whether I prefer Moscow or St Petersburg and it’s difficult to give an exact answer. The beauty of St Petersburg is unrivaled, but Moscow is not bad either (its Kremlin is astonishing) and it’s far more lively. But in Moscow I met some friends and I could enjoy some local life in a better way than I did in St Petersburg: two different experiences in two completely different cities. Russians should be proud of both anyway.

Speaking about Russians…

Sveta: Do you usually wake up straight?
Me: No, I always wake up gay :mrgreen:

We were talking about the time we wake up in the morning: I’m almost always the first in the office but today she started far earlier than me and she was wondering whether I could wake up easily or whether I need some time to come back to live… The question was anyway very hilarious 😀


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