So unsexy

Friday was, thanks god, Friday :mrgreen: Obviously as busy as the rest of the week, especially because of the country I really despise: Portugal. Nothing personal against the nice Portuguese I know, but, to be honest, Portugal has always been sort of a curse for me: even when I was working for Jamba, I always had to help my colleagues to improve the business there. So annoying. Their language is also horrible 😕 Ok, it’s enough for today. Important is that now it’s everything fixed and I made a lot of Portuguese happy by offering them nice carnival ringtones. Yes, carnival, the event I despise the most. Even more than Portugal. Even more than Cologne. Mmm… Cologne, carnival, Rio, Brazil, Portuguese speaking country, Portugal… There’s an intelligent design behind this. Scary. What about Venice? Who cares? Venice is sinking. Amsterdam too. And you? What are you sinking about?

There’s something else I despise: Microsoft. And Yahoo!, although I moved my first steps on the web thanks to its directories. Other times. Now both companies are simply… Tasteless. Their products have inhuman interfaces full of colors and frills designed to be useful but totally unpleasant and unessential. No wonder that the first wants to buy the latter for more than 44 billion of US dollars (if I were Yahoo! I would prefer Canadian dollars though :mrgreen: ). Actually I would like to finally see someone able to fight against Google, which is, honestly, really everywhere. But I was hoping for something better than Microsoft+Yahoo! Too bad 😦 Anyway, why should I care if Microsoft buys Yahoo!? Well, because of flickr. I can, more or less, live with the fact that it belongs to Yahoo! but if it would be sold to Microsoft… Oh my god, no! I even have a pro account: will I give money to Microsoft then? I can’t sleep anymore.


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