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Wednesday… Wednesday? Yes, I’ve been so busy last week that the first activity I gave up to have more time to either work or relax was blogging. My last post was written last Thursday in a hurry because we suddenly experienced some technical problems in several countries and I had to fix it before leaving. Well, on Wednesday, when I was back home, I could watch an episode of House M.D., apparently supposed to be aired before Xmas but postponed to this week because of the infamous Writers Guild of America strike. Although the series isn’t as funny as before and House is less motherfucker, I still enjoy it. During this episode he meets a prostitute in the practice:

House (looking at her necklace): Saint Nicholas?
Woman: Patron saint of children.
House: Also seamen, merchants, archers, prostitutes and prisoners.
House: You have strep.
Woman: Is it contagious?
House: Only for the next 24 hours, as long as you take the antibiotics.
Woman: How contagious?
House: Take a personal day.
Woman: I can’t.
House: I’ll write your pimp a note.
Woman: My pimp?
House: You’re tested for aids every three months, and your necklace.
Woman: Prostitutes wear religious symbols?
House: I think they just like kneeling. You don’t have the skin of a seaman, the fingers of an archer, the clothes of a merchant, or the attitude of an ex-con. So it just leaves one left.
Woman: Two, actually. But i’m not a child, am I?

At the end of this Xmas episode House goes to church… I was surprised to see him there! Did the producers decide to water down the character that much? I was totally disappointed, but eventually I was relieved: he went to the church just to see the crèche nativity scene in which the prostitute was playing the Madonna :mrgreen:


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