Keep the car running

Last days were quite busy for me: on Tuesday I didn’t have time to blog during the day and in the evening I went to bed shortly after 9.30pm, a life record; yesterday was a little more relaxed but I somehow couldn’t find any words either in Italian or in English to write. While I absolutely don’t remember what I’ve done on Tuesday and I want to forget about Monday, I’m still conscious of what happened yesterday. Well, nothing really important, only the usual stuff with some not always interesting changes…
I bought at the US food store on Leidsestraat some breakfast cereals, Lucky Charms, Maurice suggested me when he was visiting: I don’t know whether he was aware of their ridiculously high price, but he let me definitively discover some of the most delicious products ever 😛 They not only taste like that, but, as I learned today by reading their wikipedia entry, they are Cheerios mixed with marshmallow: next time I’ll produce them at home and sell them on Etsy :mrgreen:
Before buying that evil product, I went to the bookshop to buy my guidebook to London where I will spend a weekend in February: of course a Lonely Planet and of course the new series Encounter which proved to be really well done.
Back in the office I had the most hilarious moment ever: I was checking a commercial offer for an online campaign with my new colleague Sanne when I pronounced widesky, an advertising banner format, as if it were a German word :mrgreen: I don’t know why, maybe because the two words wide and sky were attached and confused me, or probably because of the similarity with the Vitebsky train station in St Petersburg… Anyway, Sanne couldn’t stop laughing for at least 20 minutes. Let me explain you anyway something more: the widesky format isn’t wide at all! It’s a column-shaped banner… That’s odd 😕