Redemption song

I was 6 when my sister Daniela let me listen to this song by Bob Marley over and over, I think the tape eventually got broken :mrgreen: But it was a nice time: I was discovering the music and she luckily had a good taste. She spent long time with our cousin Lucia who was a fan of A-Ha and all those famous ’80s groups such as Level42, Duran Duran and obviously, on top of all them, U2. But Redemption Song was definitively their most played track ever and while I was listening, I tried to grasp some lyrics

How long shall they kill our prophets,
While we stand aside and look? Ooh!
Some say it’s just a part of it:
We’ve got to fulfill the book.

Unfortunately, back then, I couldn’t understand a single word and I wasn’t even able to read English for other 10 years. One day our town council organized a small English course I didn’t attend: my family couldn’t afford to heat the house to pay a huge lawsuit and a useless language course was out of discussion. Too bad, I was already dreaming of finally understanding songs lyrics. Nobody obviously told me that learning a language was Arbeit, Arbeit, Arbeit 😉

After 24 years I accidentally listened to Redemption Song again. At the beginning I couldn’t remember the title even if I recognized it very well: it was the ending theme of I Am Legend, the movie I watched yesterday with Krijn. As you know, if you carefully read my blog, I was supposed to go with him to a dinner with friends which has been canceled at the very last minute together with my promising escorting career 😦 This is how we ended up meeting at his place for a delicious Chinese dinner and watching this recently released movie the plot of which I didn’t know very well. I was curious anyway to see a totally empty Manhattan even if only on a screen: really impressive, especially Times Square or the shore between Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. But one of my favorite spots, Washington Square aka ilGrisa’s college courtyard, was of a more central importance and I appreciated it. I still don’t know how to rate the movie, though: It was so full of sadness. I was expecting something like Cast Away but it turned out to be more related to Resident Evil: today I discovered that the novel which inspired the book was kinda the pioneer of this genre. The element I appreciated the most is the way the quite trivial plot is revealed: absolutely not linearly and with many elements left as long as possible hidden. This way the movie was really thrilling and suspenseful, at least for those, like me, who were absolutely ignorant. Eventually, I Am Legend it’s not only a sadder version of Cast Away or a better Resident Evil, it fundamentally celebrates Bob Marley who died 17 years ago for cancer. I wasn’t expecting to be so entertained by a high-budget Hollywood movie featuring Will Smith. Yo.

After the movie we watched a couple of episodes of Code Geass and I hope Krijn is going to love it as I did last summer although Lelouch has emo-hairs.. I can’t wait for the second season in April. It was soon midnight and we started a silly discussion about time. For him

It’s always today

while I was more for the dynamical representation

Yesterday, today was tomorrow

and any logical combination of it. Of course I’m right but I wasn’t in the mood of being thoroughgoing and I simply accepted, afterwards, to watch a funny, musical-like, episode of Buffy. Somehow all the character voices sounded similar… Mmm… Of course! Krijn was continuously singing along :mrgreen:


7 thoughts on “Redemption song

  1. I’m sure you wrote this comment before reading the post 🙂
    The reason is that sometimes I don’t have the right picture for my post or I just think yours deserves a bit of endorsement…

  2. Buffy, the musical is cult! And they’re acting on stage in Broadway, or so I heard.
    By the way, since now I read the post, so I can comment accordingly – by the way do you have no pictures of Washington Sq from where you’re visiting me?
    I am Legend, which I haven’t seen, but would like to since I wondered how a deserted New York looks like … even though as far as I understood is only set in Manhattan (and we know Brooklyn rocks!), is based on a sixties novel which has been filmed three times (Will Smith’s being the third) and should have been set in LA, but NY is much eerier when no one is around. And by the way, I remembered having seen burned cars parked in Washington Sq and wondered what the heck was going on there.
    A little detail I should bring to your attention. There is no bay between the Brooklyn and the Manhattan bridge, that’s the East River, which is technically not a river but anyway is definitely not a bay!

  3. Of course I have one, which, I just realized, doesn’t suck as I originally thought. Already changed 😉
    I don’t get the rest of your comment though… I wanted to see I Am Legend for the same reason and even if I committed the fact that it’s actually set in L.A. and already filmed twice (thanks for adding this detail) I also specified that the novel is quite old.
    Regarding the East River: click here to understand what I meant. I guess it’s called Franklin Roosevelt Dr. It’s not water, it’s land.

  4. Are you teaching me the geography of NYC? :S
    Anyway to put things straight: it’s the East River, or you meant the docks in Brooklyn? And what about the FDR drive? I’m not getting it …

  5. No! I’m trying to ask for help! Probably is dock the word I should have used. I mean, how do you call a piece of land in proximity of the sea? And if this happen to be in Manhattan, between Brooklyn bridge and Manhattan bridge? How do you call the place I shown on google maps?

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