Have a nice day

Today, after breakfast, Krijn shown me the pictures he took during his holiday in the US: apparently he’s been the purple crown queen of Manhattan during new year’s eve :mrgreen: Although he told me his pictures were boring I found them quite interesting and… far too few! The last one was shot in the gay capital of Massachusetts: Northampton. Few readers will understand the subtle humor here :mrgreen:

Today is January 27 and you might also know it’s when the world commemorate the השואה (Shoah) being the day when the Red Army arrived at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Poland. You know I like to remember it but not really spending too much words about. The picture you see is from Terezín, Czech Republic, because I still don’t have a scansion of those I shot in Oświęcim, Poland.

Today my blog has turned 3. Wow! It’s been a long time: it was first onlyin Italian language and very sporadic, now it’s mostly in English and kinda regular. It has been visited more than 12.000 times, 8.000 of them only in the last year: I don’t know whether it’s a lot or not but it sounds promising anyway 🙂

Today has been an almost spring-like and it was nice to bike around in the morning but in the afternoon I spent some time with Sveta: she’s now also addicted to Death Note (although it wasn’t really difficult since she managed once to watch a complete Desperate Housewives season is just a weekend). She brought some sweet pop corns and… Mmm… they’re tasty! 😛


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