Caroline, yes

Today I discovered something really funny: I was looking for the meaning of this song by Kaiser Chiefs because, frankly, I like it very much but I don’t get the point. Who or what is Caroline supposed to be? This is how I found the wikipedia page dedicated to Caroline, No a song performed by The Beach Boys (here a picture 😀 ) to which the English band refers. Apparently, the original title should have been Carol, I Know but the band kept the name Brian Wilson wrongly understood the first time he listened to the song. Funny, isn’t it? Mmm… Yes, I’m definitively short of subjects to blog about. Then let me share another useless information: Canadians use the postal code H0H 0H0 to send letters to Santa Claus! Oh my goddess, how weird is that folk? And am I supposed to spend my holidays there? 😕 First of all I have to win the fight with ilGrisa whether going also to Seattle or not. I guess we will eventually go there, the city will suck and ilGrisa will be mad at me because I forced him to visit it: our peaceful holiday will end before even starting :mrgreen: But I utterly want to go to Seattle!


3 thoughts on “Caroline, yes

  1. But you should definitely go to Seattle, it’s a great city really! And wonderful surroundings, it’s awesome in Washington!
    If ilGrisa doesn’t like it, you can now blame it to your neighbour in Slotervaart 😉 haha…

  2. Didn’t say I don’t like it … Pino gotta understand that we have to figure out whether we are allowed to rent a car in Vancouver and drive to Seattle … even though I think it should be all right.

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