Pink is my new obsession. Mmm, usually this sentence should have been quoted because it’s part of the song by Aerosmith. But pink is really my new obsession ’cause pink is the color of ibuprofen pills sold by Etos, a Dutch drugstore. Since last Sunday I have some pain at my neck and apparently only ibuprofen can give me some relief. This is kinda strange because I never believed in its effectiveness: it used to be useless against toothache. Anyway, being high on ibuprofen is nice 😛 it gives me the strength to work hard on all the countries I’m dealing with now that Anouk left and Nelson is leaving. No, actually this is not true, I don’t have any strength left and I’m really looking forward to the weekend.
Apparently I found a second job: escorting :mrgreen: At least this is what I’m supposed to do on Saturday for Krijn. How much do you think I should charge? Still thinking on it, I might build a business case. Sunday Sveta will probably visit me and we’re going to watch either Code Geass or Death Note together: this probably means that I won’t have time for the Discovering the Netherlands project or I have to wake up very early…
Today I’ve been also given the nice news that Elisa is going to visit me on Valentine! Well, not exactly on February 14, but the following weekend, and I’m really happy.

I want to be your lover
I, I wanna wrap you in rubber
And it’s pink as the sheets that we lay on
‘Cause pink it’s my favorite crayon


One thought on “Pink

  1. Are you turning into Gregory House?! You, lousy addict! :p
    Happy to hear you’re keeping on with animes and in the making of others anime-addicts, just give a favor to yourself and do not, do not watch Heroic Age.

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