Language. Sex. Violence. Other?

I didn’t update my blog for a couple of day because I was either very busy or simply relaxing. Friday I even forgot the photography-day for the second time: shame on m… shame on yo… whatever. Btw, I’m posting on flickr some old and revised shots. Hope you like them.
Anyway, I had a good reason for not blogging: I worked hard on a presentation for my boss. Well, let me first define what working hard on a presentation means. It doesn’t have anything to do with finding the right content, the right way to say something and get the point across. No, it has to do with formatting, swearing and finding the right command for a mere copy and paste that doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. This is Microsoft‘s world, as we know, and it’s frustrating. Eventually my presentation was shorter than planned and not even format-coherent. But at least my colleagues had fun by listening me swearing.


I don’t even realize it but most of the time I swear in German and Italian together. I try to do it in Finnish

Vittu saatana perkele!

But it’s not natural :mrgreen: Once I said out loud


Anouk was happy to see that finally I was swearing in Dutch but… no, it was Berlinerisch.
Anyway when I sent my presentation, my boss (sick at home) replied straight away asking for some more details: suddenly I didn’t have any time to write on my blog because the company’s party was approaching. We celebrated in a nice bar, Dante on Spuistraat, Anouk, Joeri, Maurice and Nelson who are leaving. I went there by bike with Frank and Marieke and when I was a bit behind them because of the traffic:

Frank: Pino, are you following?
Me: Yes, don’t worry, I’m still here… still alive.
Frank: I really love your German accent.
Me: Sorry?
Frank: Yes, you have that strong German accent, especially when you said “I’m still alive”.

I’m helpless. I guess the only language I speak without German accent is… German. Maurice thought I was Czech when he first listened to my German. Actually Czech people are full of compliments for the way I say

Ahoj! Jak se máš?
Mám se dobře také, děkuji.

But I can’t go any further :mrgreen:
For Sveta I perfectly said

Двери закрываются!

But it’s not very useful, is it? Ok, enough clever shit :mrgreen:

Yes, please. As much as possible.
A small hint, for those who want to pay for it, is in this picture.

As far as I understood, as of July 2008, smoking will be banned in the Netherlands as well. Wow! I can’t wait for it, because I’m becoming very intolerant: if it wasn’t for Sveta’s nice company I would have left the party on Friday even sooner. Yesterday I Bree-cleaned my flat and when I opened the windows to let some fresh air in I had to breath my neighbor’s smoke 😈 so annoying. I guess I would mind less if people were high on cocaine: they would have their fun and I would have my throat.

Well, I’ve been relaxing during this weekend although I didn’t manage to do everything I wanted. At least I got some sleep in the bedsheets I washed in a very nice perfumed fabric softener 😛 As Susan said:

I’ve had a taste of ironed pillowcases and I’m not going back

Oh yes, I have to iron my clothes too. Nooo!!!
Just one more thing: I started watching the anime version of Nana and I find it terrific!


11 thoughts on “Language. Sex. Violence. Other?

  1. All right then, now I can even comment about what you wrote on your post (and not on the general impression I have).
    Your German accent makes me wonder: how is it so? For I bet I’ve no American accent when I speak in Italian (when indeed I speak in Italian), and people say I’ve an Italian accent in English, but that can’t be helped, can it?
    I heard now and them native Germans speaking English and so I recognize a German accent when I hear it, and I can’t say I’m hearing it from you … but gotta say you’ve not a strong Italian accent either, for one thing you pronounce the h‘s.
    And en passant can you say again psychologist, please? Or was it psychiatrist?

    About Nana … told ya! We should thank my brother though– ’twas his fault if now I’m addict to the manga, and by the way the manga is way better than both the anime and the movie.

  2. German accent:
    If I could only understand why people tell me so… Maybe they just tease me.

    It was psychologist 🙂 Next time we have to try with licorice.

    I will go for the anime anyway.

    Well, you can’t expect German or Dutchmen being that good in swearing as Italians :mrgreen: A nein said out loud is already swearing.

  3. How could you have trouble pronouncing licorice? And why do I think it was psychiatrist and not psychologist? Oh, well because I’m right! That’s it 🙂

    Swearing. Well I was thinking scheiße was more frequent.
    But do you usually confuse between f and v, or th and z like a native German would do?

  4. Language. But that is for pronunciation, not for accent really. I guess it could also because people in the world have no idea what a northern Italian accent might be. Indeed when people try to mock Italians, they all sound to me terroni.

  5. Stop using my blog for chatting 🙂
    Do you know what? It was definitively psychiatrist even if I don’t remember where I was reading it.
    Licorice is not hard to pronounce, per se. But I always forget the correct pronunciation, alas.
    Scheiße is obviously swearing too but is far too unfriendly for Germans. Scheiße sagt man nicht!
    I confuse f and v (also in Italian) but also the way to pronounce j.
    Yes this is anyway not about accent…
    The point is: (northern and southern) Italians say I have a German accent while speaking Italian, Dutch say I have a German accent while speaking Dutch or English. There must be something true in that.

  6. I may stop using your blog as a chatting board … or maybe not! 🙂
    Also about psychologist and psychiatrist, the latter is worse than the former in pronunciation. I don’t remember where you’re reading the word psychiatrist, could it be on the Lonely Planet? ’cause I remember we were in Antwerp …

    I don’t know what to say about accent … for me your accent didn’t change since you moved to Berlin, and then to Amsterdam. It could be that the way you pronounce English words is not “very” Italian, but that wouldn’t explain what Italians say about your way of speaking Italian.

    Active Tops. I didn’t read the Men label next to it on the scaled-down version on your blog.

  7. Well thanks for improving the number of visitors/day then :mrgreen:
    My Italian is sometimes broken because of business and technical terms, it’s the same with you I guess. This is why I’m not fluent with my business partners as I’m with you.

    The point with active tops is that both active and top describe a gay man who… well, you understood.

  8. I wonder it’d be to speak in Italian about Physics … I guess awful!.
    The point on active tops … now it’s all clear! Arigato gozamaisu … I might be really straight.

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