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I’m back blogging in English and about my personal life instead of complaining about Italian society. Lately I’m quite tired… Mmm, I’m always tired, am I not? :mrgreen: Well, let’s say lately I’m even more tired than usual. Maybe because I didn’t sleep very regularly during the last two weeks and now I go to bed very late and only after falling asleep on my couch. Like yesterday for instance. I hate that: it makes me feel old and this way I have to watch the same episode of Darker Than Black twice to understand the plot. So annoying.
Yesterday I went with Erik to the exposition 30 jaar metro in the new public library. For some reasons we always have bad luck with expositions: it was certainly interesting but we were expecting a bit… how to say… a bit more? I guess we either shouldn’t trust any exposition for which we don’t have to pay any entrance ticket or those located on the Oosterdokskade. Or maybe both. At least I discovered that princess (now queen) Beatrix inaugurated the metro in Amsterdam on October, 14… 1977! Wrong year, darling: 1978 is way much cooler, a queen like me knows it very well :mrgreen: Dilettante!
At home I finally started to figure out how my summer holiday will look like: I’ll probably spend three weeks with ilGrisa (to celebrate his postdoc fellowship in Amherst, MA) somewhere on this planet. Mmm, well, actually, why don’t include the moon as a destination? Our first idea was Iceland, then I suggested a big Scandinavian tour and since two weeks we’re talking about Canada (you see a common theme, don’t you?). A Seattle-Anchorage tour is quite tempting: suggestions are welcome, especially if your name is Jack London.
Btw, the Canadian movie Away From Her, I watched more or less one year ago in Berlin during the film festival, has been released in the Netherlands. Curiously Steve Jobs suggested this movie while presenting the iTunes Movie Rental in San Francisco last Tuesday. These coincidences are scary… Will I accidentally meet some woofy Canadian bears during my holiday? Two names: Will Sasso and Tyler Labine 😛
Since Norway isn’t currently on the top of the list for our holiday let me show you this funny Norwegian commercial (useful to understand the meaning of this post title):

Today I’m quite happy because I finally had my second chance: on February 19 I will attend the Kula Shaker concert in Utrecht! Is not like going to Melkweg in Amsterdam (read: 5 minutes walk from my office) but it’s better than nothing, especially because is kinda delayed birthday gift. Rock n’ roll!!!


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