You can’t put your arms around a memory

Sometimes I can’t find the right song to name my post after, this is why I’m using an album’s title which correctly describes what happened during the last two weeks. I’m sorta back to my normal life after ilGrisa’s visit first and Maurice’s later. He’s a German friend I met a couple of times in Berlin last year and I didn’t see anymore since I moved to Amsterdam and he relocated from Magdeburg to Hannover. While ilGrisa was still visiting, Maurice was wondering whether he could have spent his short holiday in Amsterdam and I was very happy to have him over. We spent nice time together, around the city, watching movies on the couch, eating out, meeting friends… I finally found, for instance, the time to watch Das Leben der Anderen (Oscar as best foreign language film of the year, The Life of Others): a very nice movie about love, arts, sacrifice. Although the movie is set in Berlin, there’s not much of the city to see except Strausbergerplatz at night, but in the last few minutes I almost had a stroke watching Karl-Marx-Alle close to which I lived for almost three years and especially my favorite library Karl-Marx-Buchhandlung. Too many memories altogether…


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