Daddy’s gonna pay for your crashed car

A colleague of mine is buying a second hand car online and he needs every now and then some help from me because the owner is Italian and he doesn’t speak any other language. On Wednesday I called this guy for the first time:

Me: Hi, I’m calling on behalf of my Dutch colleague who doesn’t speak Italian but is interested in your car.
Guy: Oh! Your Italian is excellent.
Me: Well, I’m Italian myself.
Guy: Mmm, then… Let me be honest: your Italian sucks. You have a German accent.

WTF?! Later I spoke with one of my favorite Italian business contacts and I told her about my language difficulties:

Me: Do you think my Italian sucks?
Her: No way! Don’t let yourself tell something like that! Your Italian is very good! You just have a German accent and sometimes you’re not that fluent…

Thanks! I didn’t find any comfort in those words 😕 Anyway, the Italian guy I talked to is as old as me, he owns a couple of Porsche and he’s selling one of them for as little as € 40.000 because, you know, he didn’t use it very often nowadays. Poor boy! And he’s so verbose! Any time I call him he tells me his whole life… So boring. I hope the transaction will be closed as soon as possible because also my colleague is becoming a bit annoying (he’s stroking his pc display on which he put a picture of that car):

Colleague: I need to learn Italian to talk to my car.
Me: Porsche is German.
Colleague: But it grew up in Italy. Italian education.
Me: Good luck, then.


3 thoughts on “Daddy’s gonna pay for your crashed car

  1. Oh dear. Sorry to laugh at your misfortune, but you’ve made me laugh. Maybe you need to go and take a class, like the Italian woman in Italian for beginners.

  2. Well, probably it was because you said “Porsche” instead of “Porsch” … you know …
    Your Italian is good but you’re not as fluent as you used to be, but let me tell you your Italian is way better than mine!

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