This is going to be a backlog instead of a weblog! It’s Thursday and I’m blogging about Monday 😦 I’m not very reliable, am I? Anyway, Monday was ilGrisa’s last day in Amsterdam which is why we went out after work to eat something together. We were actually supposed to meet some other friends of his, those he visited in Zürich, but they were too tired and the two of us had a delicious steak and a even more delicious apple pie with cinnamon ice cream somewhere on Warmoestraat. When we went back home we could watch the fourth season last episode of Desperate Housewives, so funny! I can’t choose the best quote among:

  • Julie to Susan: She’s like the mother I never had! No offence.
  • Orson to Andrew and Walter: Oh, I can only imagine the fun you two would have in a boot shop.

And probably some more others I currently don’t remember.