Hands clean

As you probably read in the previous post, ilGrisa and I went last Sunday to Antwerpen, Belgium. The train trip was quite pleasant and surprisingly not as long as it might sounds, two and a half hours with a change at the Schiphol airport, where I had the nicest picture of the Xmas polar bear 😉 Thanks to ilGrisa for it.
Antwerp is a typical Belgian city, very similar to Brussels but smaller, cozier and with a sweet harbor: we had nice time there especially because the weather was simply gorgeous and relatively warm. We also had a couple of delicious Belgian waffles 😛 I’m already missing them! Luckily we woke up very early in the morning (the sun wasn’t over the horizon yet) to have as much time as possible to visit the city: way before noon we were already there when Antwerp was still kinda sleeping and almost empty. Unlike the other shops, one of the most luxurious shopping mall I’ve ever seen was open and we could have a look. Later we went to the Groenplaats, the Grote Markt and to the harbor before visiting the cathedral and its three masterpieces by Rubens: I’m not a fan of Flemish art but I was really impressed by The Descent from the Cross (although ilGrisa caught me in a moment of weariness). We finished our tour around the city center and we had a coffee and a beer in a wanna-be art nouveau cafe: I didn’t like either the service or the interior 😦 Unfortunately all the chocolate shops we wanted to see/burgle were closed and we went back to the train station without any Antwerpse Handjes. At least I managed to to be in one of them :mrgreen: Later we walked back to the central station: one of the most beautiful I ever seen. The train back home was really full and I complained about two women who were changing a diaper just before realizing one of them was Italian 😳 At home we had our dinner with pasta (what else?) and then we watched the movie Cachorro: I wanted ilGrisa to see what the bear world is about.
Btw, my compliments to Alessandro for his PhD in chemical engineering (cusel’è ‘sta laùra che?).