New York state of mind

IlGrisa left Amsterdam a couple of hours ago after buying for me the complete His Dark Materials trilogy: so nice from him! 😳 Now he’s on his way to Paris where he will visit some friends but soon again in Italy and then back home in New York City. It was great having him over the last few days: we had fun, visited lovely towns, watched nice movies and eaten good food (at least when I wasn’t cooking).

On Saturday we didn’t wake up too late to make the best out of the day or, at least, the afternoon. I had time to clean up a bit my place, I bought the last things I needed and then we went by train to Leiden, a small town, famous for its university, half an hour from Amsterdam. Because we were kinda distracted we wandered a bit before realizing we were on the wrong side of the train station :mrgreen: We managed soon to correctly get into the old town where ilGrisa had his first herring because he surprisingly couldn’t find any in Amsterdam. It was a good one, very fresh, especially compared to the bratwurst in Antwerp on Sunday, but this is another story. It was pleasant to stroll around although the center of Leiden was full of people because of the market. Luckily, when we were exactly in front of it, early in the evening, de Burcht (an old fortification) has been open to the public and we could climb on top of its small hill to get a breathtaking view of the town. After a very delicious latte with Illy coffee, on our way to the train station, we found these lyrics on a wall:

I don’t have any reasons
I’ve left them all behind
I’m in a New York state of mind

Later we went home for dinner and to finally watch the live action movie Nana. Please remind me to avoid any other live action Japanese movies :mrgreen: I really loved the story, the characters, their life and feelings, but the direction was utterly bad. I’m definitively going to watch the anime.


One thought on “New York state of mind

  1. So now you can read the story as it was supposed to be! And you’re gonna understand the movie. The Golden Compass wasn’t that bad … just you need to have read the books before! 🙂

    Herrings are nowhere to be found in A’dam. All right! I haven’t tried that hard to find one either, but that’s out of the point.

    Nana. So lovely! Gotta watch the anime (and read the manga more!)
    Have you listened the OST?

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