There goes the neighborhood

Yesterday I had my standard time at work although I panicked a bit when Sveta was wondering at 4 o’clock whether I was already done with a project I totally forgot to take care of. Thanks Sveta to be my guardian angel! 😳
After work I met ilGrisa with whom i went to the most Dutch supermarket, AH, to buy the most useful Dutch piece of paper: de strippenkaart. At home we had a nice dinner with saffron-flavored chicken and a big salad while watching the pilot of House M.D.: I’m not sure ilGrisa enjoyed it enough tough. Later we watched El Laberinto del Fauno which won the competition over Nana and Cachorro. Suddenly we have been distracted by the neighbors upstairs who had their regular furniture revolution which included this time a flying mattress out of the window :mrgreen: One of the most funny things I ever said, almost Magnolia-like. IlGrisa tried to get a picture of the on the street lying mattress but he didn’t manage. Too bad.

Sunshine Sally and Peter Ustinov
Don’t like the scene anyhow.
I dropped acid on a Saturday night
Just to see what the fuss was about.
Now there goes the neighborhood.

When the movie ended I had to wash the dishes because, you know, I do have a dishwasher but it’s inconveniently located in Berlin :mrgreen: , while ilGrisa was uploading his pictures taken in Zürich. I hope he’s going to upload the nice shots he made in Amsterdam as soon as possible, I might post them for the photography-day tomorrow. Now I’m sooo fucking late because we will go to the cinema for The Golden Compass