New year’s day

The 2008 has begun everywhere in the world: fireworks, parties, mistletoe… Everything is ready for the next 365 days. Damn, this year is leap and we will work one day more, too bad. My colleague Olaf is really excited about this year because he loves even numbers, especially 8. I have to admit that 8 is a nice symmetric number (just a bit less than 0) and is one of my favorite numbers too; the Italian word for it, otto, is also symmetric, i.e. palindrome. Yes I know this is even worse than small talk :mrgreen: it’s just a continuous flow of thoughts… Speaking of which… As you know (ok, you don’t which is why I tell you) Flow recorded the opening of the first season of Code Geass (I love the Russian title Код Гиасс: Лелуш от восстания), well, the promo of the second season is out! I watched it yesterday with… Italian subtitles! Surprisingly I didn’t find any English version. Anyway, 20 seconds of preview are almost useless. You may find a good synopsis on Random Curiosity. Who is Rollo? Is Rollo pronounced as Lollo then? Lollo Lampelouge? :mrgreen: I’m too mean. After watching this preview Erik ringed the doorbell and we started celebrating new year’s eve wih board games, music some Italian cheese and… alcohol! We had some green-colored pistachio-flavored Curaçao-made liqueur which tasted great and Prosecco for midnight. It was my first time I had a whole glass of it even if it was sweetened by some Crème de cassis. Lekker! No, for goodness’ sake I wasn’t drunk, but I don’t exactly remember what happened after midnight. Mmm… We played further the game, I think I even won 😀 I had a good night anyway.
As I said before 2008 has started, on this blog with a song by U2 which I surprisingly never used before.

The newspapers say, say
Say it’s true it’s true…
(Es ist wahr 😀 )
And we can break through
Though torn in two
We can be one

Unfortunately, it didn’t start exactly in the way I was hoping for but it seems that I’m dealing with it quite well, at least not in the dramatic way I was used to :mrgreen: After all, the rational-me exactly knows that what I see now as a disappointment, it’s actually for the best. I can’t have everything and what I have now is really precious.

Nasledujúca zastávka…