Smokers outside the hospital doors

Unfortunately I’m living in a country (Germany wasn’t different) where smoking is allowed almost everywhere, but probably not in a hospital, is it? But I’m not blogging about smokers now, this is just a song title. Ehm, what else? 😀 But this time I really want to write about the song itself: it’s by an emerging or already too much emerged English rock band, The Editors; Yosefine told me about it and let me watch the video on youtube. After just 55″ I realized the clip was shot in the Czech Republic and after 5 more second I recognized Praha hlavní nádraží (Prague Central Station), the bridge to Smíchov, the stairs to the castle… Beside the nice melody it became my favorite music video 😉 I’m here to share:

I can’t shake this feeling I’ve got
My dirty hands, have I been in the wars?
The saddest thing that I’d ever seen
Were smokers outside the hospital doors