Today I got another Xmas gift from a business partner, MTV. It wasn’t really spontaneous, I had to ask for it, but it was nice to receive it anyway: a CD/DVD box by Elisa (not my favorite artist but the best I could choose among). Last Saturday I also got a Xmas gift, from Fabio. To meet him I went to Milan by train in the afternoon. When I arrived to Milano Centrale I took some pics of my favorite train station and then the bus 60 (which was awfully crowded) to Piazza 5 Giornate, where my good friend Pigi lives. Actually I didn’t see Pigi for almost 8 years but I accidentally found him again on flickr and I paid him and his gorgeous boyfriend, Franco, a visit. He’s kinda an institution in Milan: one of the first bears ever, always fighting for gay rights and author of many articles on the magazine Pride. Vadim was supposed to join us but he had a bad cold and he eventually stayed at home. Too bad, I don’t see him since I went to Moscow almost 2 years ago. Later we went together to the next Coin to buy some Alessi stuff Pigi needed as Xmas presents: we met Fabio there. When he finished working I left Pigi and Franco and I went with Fabio to a Japanese dinner where 10 other people were waiting for us. Marco, my oldest gay friend, was there with his new lover, Olivier from Lyon, a very nice guy. The evening was pleasant and the food great (but don’t ask me the place again, I forgot the name, it’s somewhere between Gambara and De Angeli), I even had some glasses of plum and rose schnapps 😛 Am I turning into a drinker?


3 thoughts on “Rainbow

  1. Probably because it’s themed with one of the best ever built train station in the world (no partisan pride here, mind you!)
    By the way did you notice all the “Fascist Architecture” themed pictures I’m putting on Flickr these days?

  2. It’s not because of the snow? :mrgreen:
    Unfortunately this theme doesn’t show who wrote the post and you know better than me that I’m not always the only one who’s writing on 🙂
    I know you’re a fascist architecture lover… too bad you didn’t visit the Olympiastadion and the airport Tempelhof in Berlin.

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