Fly me to the moon

This text was supposed to be posted on Friday, December 21, but I didn’t finish it and… well… here it goes:

I’ve been so busy nowadays that I couldn’t blog anymore. Actually, this morning I didn’t work that much and I could have found some more time for my readers, but I was too lazy 😀 Later I had to finish my report and then a small Xmas party but I left quite early to fly to Bergamo. Unfortunately/Luckily my flight has been delayed, mainly because of the bad weather (Amsterdam is freezing and completely white), which is why I’m blogging from the airport. My head hurts… I’m a bit exhausted because yesterday I went to bed quite late: I spent the evening with Erik and Krijn (who cooked a delicious dinner) and when I went home I still had to pack my suitcase: so annoying. I even used my biggest suitcase: not because I had lot of things to take with me (actually my mother can wash and iron my clothes faster than they get dirty) but because I will have for sure a lot of presents to take with me back to Amsterdam on Wednesday :mrgreen: Although

Although what? I don’t know anymore what I wanted to write. At the airport I was so annoyed by crying babies while I had headache that I suddenly closed my laptop hoping for relief and rest. It didn’t work out. At the check-in I asked for a place on the back of the aircraft to avoid possible crying babies but they followed me! No way! The flight was very unpleasant even if I had my iPod and a Friends episode to watch on the airplane TV. With two hours delay I finally landed in Bergamo where my parents drove me home for Christmas…

Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars
In other words, hold my hand
In other words, baby kiss me

Because last Friday was, not surprisingly, a Friday, I had to blog about photography too :mrgreen: My contending friends switched from bears and starmugs to bikes, but I’m going to talk about it tomorrow. In the meanwhile I had the chance to make the picture with which everything began: the Xmas bear at Schiphol airport. Obviously my picture is way better than the other two. As Italians say:

Tra i due litiganti il terzo se la gode