All I want for Christmas is you

Christmas is approaching and I’m spending my time mainly with my family in Italy. Currently I’m in their kitchen while my mother is cooking something for tomorrow, my father is sleeping on the couch (well, exactly now he decided to watch my screen and check out what I’m doing) and the TV is broadcasting Affari Tuoi (lit. Your Business), the Italian version of Deal Or No Deal? Before that I watched the news and before another quiz: L’Eredità, Italian version of El Legado. In one of the questions, the contestants had to identify Merry Christmas in different languages: Dutch, with Frolijk Kerstfeest, was one of those :mrgreen: Soon or later I will blog about my last days but this evening I will just summarize my very lazy day. This morning I was waken up by my niece Linda and after breakfast and lunch I went to Esselunga to buy some Italian food: provolone, scamorza, torrone, castagne, ciobar and so on. I even found some new versions of Pan di Stelle, my favorite cookies. Actually, there’s not much to say about today… My life in Caprino Bergamasco has never been really exciting. At least until I got my first Internet connection in 1995, when people were browsing the WWW with Mosaic. 13 years ago nobody was still talking about DSL and dial-up was the only way to connect to the net. Here nothing has changed since then: my parents don’t use Internet and they obviously don’t have any DSL connection (I don’t even know whether it’s actually possible to have it here). While I was shortly connected I got my sister’s call

Giovanna: I have to speak with mom
Pino: Mmm, and why do you call me then?
Giovanna: Because you’re apparently connected and I can’t call her directly
Pino: Ooops 😳

I wasn’t used to keep the line busy while connected…
It’s quarter past 9 and my father just went to bed. To bed? Now? He definitively needs Internet too :mrgreen: I’m alone with my mom then, while she’s shelling nuts with which and other ingredients will fill the chicken for tomorrow. Personally I’m really happy to have my Baileys with a hint of mint and chocolate 😛 It’s sooo delicious! But, yeah, there’s almost no difference between this and the original one.

Well, let me wish Merry Xmas to all you people… the most bear celebration (Santa Claus is a bear, isn’t he?). Btw, watch this commercial of Golia Activ Plus: one of the several father of my children is in there.

Mmm, ok, not really my children’s father… but  somehow sexy anyway.