In Life on December 23, 2007 by Pino

I didn’t stop blogging, I just didn’t have the time and now I’m visiting my parents in Italy where the connection is so bad I almost can’t correctly blog (with pics, videos, whatever). So just be patient for a while… I even have some drafts to publish as soon as possible. IlGrisa’s family was here today and we had great time together, maybe Luca finds the time to write a post on my blog about it:mrgreen:

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  1. Well I’m not Luca, but I hope you will have fun in Italy anyway. Is your mother spoiling you???

  2. Luca should be able to write on my blog on my behalf but he didn’t😦 too bad
    Thanks for your wishes: I had a great time in Italy and my mom is simply lovely, as usual.

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