As on my program, I went on Monday morning buying my personal Xmas gift: it didn’t take too long but after that I was a bit… worn out, more than I expected anyway.

Don’t you know, you’ve gotta go to the city
You gotta reach the other side of the glass
I think you’ll make it in the city baby
I think you know that you are more than just
Some fucked up piece of ass

Later I met my former colleagues: it was funny. Now they even have a big Jamba logo on top of their building. I thought they were going to change the company’s name into Jamster… Well, not my business anymore. I was told some news: Nina, my Portuguese colleague, is pregnant, Isabelle is definitively leaving in February and maybe joining her boyfriend Randall in San Francisco (yes, please, move over there and I will visit you asap!), what else? Bernat is still straight even after some alcohol 😦 Before I met them again for lunch at Panasia I went short to the Xmas market at Opernpalais, my favorite in Berlin. After lunch I had a Crème Brûlée Latte at evil empire with some raspberry and lemon cheesecake: wow! Then I went home… I had to take my rucksack, my new yorker teacups and the iPod remote control. My flat definitively lived much better times 😦 To forget what I saw I went straight away to Lina Krokant: they have now an amazing bigger shop but the same delicious offer of good chocolate. I chatted a bit with the saleswoman to discover that my German was really eingerostet:

Ich wohnte früher auf… mmm… in… ehm… Ich wohnte früher um die Ecke

She also called me chocoholic. Close to the new Lina Krokant there is now a very good delicatessen shop I should have never seen 😉 Later I met Adrien and then Sara for a coffee but I couldn’t drink anything more: in one day I managed to go twice to Balzac, twice to Starbucks and once to Caras! I needed something real to eat. Which is why we met also Giuliano and we went to Clärchens Ballhaus for dinner. The food was ok and the school of dance beside the tables was really entertaining. I wanted to dance with Elisa but it was too advanced 😦 Too bad. Eventually Elena, Giuliano’s former girlfriend, joined us and I could finally speak to her after almost three years! She’s such a nice girl and now, as far as I understood, she has a Norwegian boyfriend. Uuuh! Back in Kreuzberg I had some nice time with Jens and Frank again before going exhausted to bed.