Stockholm syndrome

On Sunday I dropped the idea to go to the Skansen: too far away, too touristic. This is why we had instead a good brunch at Cafe60 where I would have eaten all the cakes and pies they had: I’ve never seen such an impressive assortment and they even had a good choice of teas too. The most weird thing was having brunch at sunset and going out of the cafe when it was already pitch dark… We walked down to Kungsträdgården where I wanted to see a Xmas market: we had some tasty candies but I eventually decided that I couldn’t miss the saffron honey I found on Stortorget the day before. Otto was disappointed to walk all the way to Gamla Stan while he wanted to show me a huge shopping mall much closer to City Terminalen where I had the bus to the airport. I was also tempted to visit Åhléns because MUJI has its shop there too but the honey had priority for I will be in Milan’s MUJI shop next Saturday :mrgreen: When I had my honey, fridge magnet and postcards I was ready to leave Stockholm. Mmm no, I could never be ready to leave the capital of Scandinavia 😉

This is the last time I’ll abandon you
And this is
The last time I’ll forget you
I wish I could

We shortly visited also a bookshop for fantasy and sci-fi books: the manga section was impressive and I was almost buying all the 12 issues of Death Note. I would probably have been be more satisfied in having the notebook itself :mrgreen: After a short drink at a very old fashioned gay place we went to City Terminal and I took the long way to the airport.
The flight to Berlin was a little bit more comfortable than the one to Stockholm but still Ryanair is really worth the low prices I’ve been paying (i.e. around €10 including taxes), maybe even less. But I don’t want to complain too much about the airline (airline?) which basically made this holiday possible. When I landed in Schönefeld I was… home. People were speaking German, they looked like Germans, they were Germans! 😉 Finally. I quickly reached Kreuzberg where Jens now lives with Frank (no comments about the fact that I was begging him to move to Kreuzberg when we were together but he didn’t want to). We chatted a little bit waiting for Frank coming back home from a party when I discovered that I didn’t have my cat anymore! Minka, her name, apparently drove Jens too crazy and he brought her back to the animal shelter. I was a bit disappointed he didn’t say me anything… But… well, she deserved it. She was a very mean cat. When Frank was at home I finally had the chance to speak with him: in one year we never managed to say something more than a hi. I should say he’s a very friendly man but, in the good and the bad, exactly my opposite. Apparently Jens had such a bad experience with me he decided to give his attention to a completely different man. I don’t know how I should feel about it: my feelings are always messed up. They’re founding a new Berliner bear club (BBC indeed): it’s the fifth in the city… I wish them a successful outcome. Later, when Jens was preparing my bed-couch (and with my I really mean my, not just because I was going to temporarily sleeping on it: their guest room is kinda collection of stuff me and Jens bought together, really weird) Frank showed me a couple of funny videos on youtube: Backstreets Bears and Britney Bearbitch were among them :mrgreen: