Beauty of speed

If you were wondering whether there is a lazier guy than me, now you have an answer: yes, Otto, my Swedish friend :mrgreen: When he finally found the energy to do something we went to an Internet point to print out my boarding pass for tomorrow, because, you know, if you don’t use the Internet check in Ryanair will charge you an additional €9,00 (in my case it would mean +100% on the starting price). Later we went to Moderna Museet where we had great time surrounded by modern art. We started with the temporary exposition with the works of Olle Bærtling: very remarkable. I also liked the definition given in the documentary: the beauty of speed.

Smacked up side of the head
With the harsh of daylight
So simple last evening
The beauty of speed

The museum collection is really fine even if it doesn’t reach the standards of the MoMA or the Centre Pompidou: the work we loved the most was a short movie by Sadie Benning, It Was Not Love

It was not love
But it was something

You can see some samples and read the synopsis here.

When we went out of the museum, it was already very dark outside. And cold. Brrr. Fucking cold! By walking on a bridge I thought I was losing my face. But I love cold cities, especially because the chance to meet other Italians are very low, still not zero 😦 as I sadly discovered while we were strolling around Gamla Stan, the old town.
We luckily found a place at Chokladkoppen, thanks to a friend of Otto, who is working there (I wonder if they need some other people, I might apply :mrgreen: ). This place is the Swedish answer to Café Kafíčko in Prague, except for a couple of differences

  • The prices
  • The crowd
  • The chailatte: it’s a scandal that Café Kafíčko doesn’t have it

We had two delicious chailatte, served with some orange, and a huge delicious sandwich. Oh my god, I’m still eating it in my mind 😛

Later we went home for dinner and we watched some TV before going out again. I had then the chance to see on Kanal5 my company’s commercial and then Shrek2 (which is much better then the third episode I’ve been watching last week with Kai) for my first time in English. I really loved this quote

Prince Charming climbed the highest tower to rescue Princess Fiona and what does it find? A gender confused wolf?


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  1. Chai-latte? Is it what I hope it’s not? Namely a latte with tea instead of coffee?
    That’s wrong! Simply and generically wrong!
    What are you going to drink next time? A frapuccino?!
    Fortunately I’ll see you soon, and save you from those God-less deviation!!!

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