Battle without honor or humanity

After only two episodes the telenovela is coming to an end. Let’s call them Kill Mug vol. 1 and 2, appropriate for the song after which I named this post. The Pussy Wagon winner is… No, wait, a two episodes telenovela? No way. Guido already admitted Erik’s victory because of his quite remarkable collection, but, come on guys, you can do better than that! I wanna see blood :mrgreen: Guido, you always travel a lot, you might still win and you own already two very exotic mugs. What about Beijing, for instance? 😉

Yesterday I had my Dutch language test and I think I scored a sufficient result. The vocabulary part was easier than the small tests we did during the lessons: if I did something wrong there is just because I always do it very fast without even checking my answers. I thought I was back at the college. Aaargh! IlGrisa, help me! I don’t want to go back to the college even if one of the teacher yesterday (the other was my beloved Fien) looked like prof. Iori. Puh! Do you remember her? I obviously had a loud dispute with her during the General Physics 2 exam…

Now I fly to Stockholm. Yatta! I hope I will be able to blog a bit while on tour :mrgreen: Otherwise, see you on Wednesday!

Did I put too many exclamation mark in this post?


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  1. Pino sent me an email asking me to write about his (starting) whereabouts. Not that I know much, and what I only know is that he is at the Airport, waiting for his flight and checking/writing emails from his cell.

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