Mixed emotions

I didn’t finish the post before going to the restaurant :mrgreen: It was really delicious and gesellig.
Here the original post.

Not a good day for blogging: I simply can’t find anything to write about. Later I will have a dinner with my team at Looks Dining in the center of Amsterdam: it looks delicious 😛 Personally, I’m looking much more forward to a lunch or dinner at Kuchi in Berlin next week: it’s been a while since last time I had sushi and I miss it. I also miss Berlin a lot: Tuesday I will need someone who put me on the train back to Amsterdam, I guess. Any volunteer? My plan for Berlin will be more or less:

  • Buy my personal Xmas gift (I already know what but I’m not going to share this information too soon)
  • Buy a lot of chocolate at the new Lina Krokant
  • Fix the wi-fi in my apartment in Charlottenburg
  • Pack some of my belongings I might need in Amsterdam
  • Eat at Kuchi or Panasia or Monsieur Vuong or in all of them
  • Eat a cake or a pie at Barcomi’s
  • Strolling around the city
  • Visit some Weihnachtsmarkt
  • Have some Bratwurst with onions, potatoes, mushrooms, mustard, (soft) ketchup
  • Maybe take some pictures
  • Speak German 😛
  • Enjoy the S- and U-Bahn
  • Enjoy the Hauptbahnhof
  • Everything else I remember of, when I’m there

But of course I’m going to visit my favorite city too, Stockholm. Yesterday I bought the Lonely Planet Encounters guide which is really well done: relatively cheap, pocket format, full of useful informations and lot of suggestions for shopping and eating 😛 I like the Encounters. I actually don’t really need a guide to Stockholm, but I’m a LP freak, you know. The plan is quite clear too:

  • Strolling around Gamla Stan
  • Strolling around Norrmalm
  • Strolling around Södermalm
  • Visit the Xmas market at the Skansen
  • Visit the Xmas market at Kungsträdgården
  • Visit Moderna Museet
  • Have whatever at Chokladkoppen
  • Simply enjoy Stockholm

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  1. Of course I don’t have to go to Berlin for it… But I’m in Berlin, I know the place better, I get it.
    You’re the one, yes… OMG…

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