Hurry up and wait

2007 has been a very bad year for concerts: I unfortunately managed to attend only Tori Amos 😦 Which is, per se, a big event, but not enough. I was supposed to see the Kula Shaker but Krijn went at my place, I was supposed to see the Kaiser Chiefs but I forgot to buy the tickets (no comment please), I was supposed to check out the Arctic Monkeys but their ticket were sold out in just 30 minutes… While I’m waiting for the new albums and tours of, among others, Muse, Coldplay, Placebo and Franz Ferdinand, I managed to buy the tickets for Stereophonics at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam on Sunday March, 2. Yatta! I always had baaad luck with the dwarf (the nick I use for Kelly Jones, the singer): once, in Milan, they even panicked and canceled the show because Linate airport experienced some technical problems just a couple of days after 9/11… Let’s see if I manage to eventually attend their show at least once in my life.

The life after Eureka seveN is hard… I miss some dope and Darker than Black didn’t catch my attention yet. Luckily yesterday I got more or less a kilo of Gianduiotto-like chocolates by one of the companies controlled by Berlusconi 😛 Do I really have to hope Milan A.C. will play at the Champions League final match in 2008 to be kindly invited? :mrgreen: It’s in Moscow, waaay better than Athens! But probably also more difficult to arrange due to visa regulations…