Seventeen cups

Since a couple of months I use the solar system theme for my iGoogle page and every day I see some pictures of the celestial body after which the day is named. The sun on Sunday, the moon on Monday… but today I couldn’t remember which planet is Friday named after. Fri… Mmm… No planet name begins with fri! Luckily, I could understand quite fast how insane I was 😕 Most of the English days aren’t named after planets, rather after Norse gods. The planet in today’s picture is Venus, the only inner planet I like because it rotates clockwise :mrgreen: Ok, let’s forget astronomy for a second: Friday isn’t going to be either Freya’s or Venus’ day for me. Friday is photography day:

This time I don’t think that my flickr friends had the same idea: Guido just stole Erik’s :mrgreen: and to appear somehow forward he took a picture of his whole collection, featuring even evil empire‘s Qatar and United Arab Emirates mugs. Impressive. How will Erik react? Die Telenovela bleibt spannend 😉

Update: I forgot to quote the song 😀

In my room there’s not a lot to do
So if I let you in please don’t touch anything
And in my room there isn’t much to do
So if I let you in
Don’t touch a thing