Songs for polar bears

This time I didn’t find any suitable song and I used a whole album to name my post after 😉 The debut record of the band Snow Patrol. But today it’s not about music, it’s about photography: please find the differences in the following two pictures

This morning (I repeat: morning) I actually considered buying new glasses when I received the daily flickr digest: I was wondering why the same picture was listed under two different profiles 😯 Come on guys! We all like bears, but try to be more original :mrgreen: Or do I have to set up a contest for the best Schiphol-Bear-Picture? It might be interesting…

Vittu saatana perkele! I’m looking forward to see Krijn and kill him with my own hands 😡 He was wondering last week why I put on and off the lights on my bike, because they almost never get stolen (he says), this is why yesterday, a bit for laziness a bit to test it out, I left them on while I was learning Dutch… They obviously got stolen. But at least I got one back this morning from the bike parked next to mine :mrgreen: Lex talionis.


5 thoughts on “Songs for polar bears

  1. One is a portrait, the other a landscape
    Different aperture.
    Different point of view.
    Different focal length.

    Not to mention: different subjects (of course I don’t mean the big polar bear hanging on a caved Christmas tree.)

    But. Both suck.

  2. Foul, boooh…. I’m going to sue you Pino for using my picture without permission, especially to compare it with another one… shame on you. And the one who really sucks is Luca, he’s just jealous he hasn’t spotted the bears first. 🙂

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