Pass the buck

Anyone interested in writing down the business presentation for me? I might pay for it… in kind, of course. This is why the applicant should be a nice bear, otherwise, no, thanks, I’m going to manage it on my own. Ok, now it sounds like I’m going to jerk off… Which is partially true; as Woody Allen says:

Don’t knock masturbation: it’s sex with someone I love.

You’re missing the time when I wasn’t blogging, aren’t you? :mrgreen: Here a nice present for you


7 thoughts on “Pass the buck

  1. ho fatto un salto sulla sedia…. troppo divertente … bestia non e’ in senso letterale ma metaforico: “fenomeno” (così almeno dalle mie parti!)
    L’ho fatto vedere (e sentire) anche a Isa, le e’ piaciuto
    quanto al teso…la mia storica difficolta’ con l’inglese non mi aiuta

  2. Hihihi 😈 I’m evil, I know.
    Actually this is part of a series of German commercials for Kaffee in der Dose (coffee in a can). Just youtube search for K-fee and you will find the whole campaign.

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