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Quoting a song by The Cure is always something I should be careful with… However, I don’t really have time to blog now because I’m on my way to bed. Today I was very busy and I also had a big meeting which ended as late as half past 6. Luckily I had my next-to-last episode of Heroes to watch: so exciting! Hiro and Peter who… Fuck! (Ehm, no, they don’t fuck, I meant fuck just as an exclamation:mrgreen: ) Why always such a cliffhanger? What will I do later, without Heroes? And of course without any other TV show? IlGrisa already suggested me a new anime, Eureka7, which I will check out, although I’m really looking forward to the new season of Code Geass (if it will be ever released). It’s advent time, did you notice?:mrgreen:

6 Responses to “Lullaby”

  1. Half past six pm being late? Are you kidding me?
    You gotta watch Eureka seveN and RahXephon!!! Told ya: they’re good!

  2. For my actual standards… Yes, half past 6 is late.
    I bet they’re good but perhaps I’m going to watch Steel Jeeg first… Ok, this is kidding:mrgreen:

  3. But didn’t you watch it already?

  4. Just one episode!

  5. Uh thought it was just one episode OAV

  6. Nope… It’s really a series. But too 80s, like Sousei no Aquarion.

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