In the crossfire

Yes, I’m blogging again, after several very busy weeks I finally can rest that little bit to write a new post. During this weekend, indeed, my only target is to… sleep :mrgreen: I don’t know exactly what I would like to blog about, I had some ideas when I was shopping one hour ago, but now that wonderful and complex scenario of events and emotions has disappeared and I’m just typing on my keyboard. First of all, the song after which I named this post is by the British band Starsailor

I don’t see myself when I look cross the river
I see where I should be
I don’t see myself when I look from the sky
Thank God for that

I hear them screaming
On the radio
Its getting louder
In the crossfire
Trying to find some hope
From the ashes of their broken homes

It’s a song I was often listening to last winter while walking around Berlin on the Landwehrkanal and through the Tiergarten.

By the way, one of the pictures I’ve been taking there has been chosen for the last Schmap guide to Berlin. Cool, isn’t it? Actually the visibility is not very high, but it’s still a nice acknowledgment for my modest photography skills.
I miss Berlin so much! The city, the language, the friends… where are they? They’re also very busy and some of them might probably move far away (no names to respect their privacy). Luckily I will be in Berlin from December 16 to 18 and I will see them again! And I will hopefully have also time to visit the new shop of Lina Krokant. Jens will be my host: can’t wait to give him a big hug. He’s in Köln right now, for the Bear Pride. An event that always had some impact on him/us: it was there when we had our first big fight, it was after it when I left him, it was there where he met his new love. What’s going to happen this year? I only know that Mr. Bear Germany 2008 will be once again someone who isn’t a real bear… It has been almost a rule in the last years, with some exceptions of course. Too bad. Unfortunately Jens didn’t decide to participate at the contest: I would have definitively voted for him!

To follow what it seems like a tradition I’m going in December up north for two days: three years ago København (Copenhagen), two years ago Stockholm, last year Bergen and Oslo, this year Stockholm again, one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever visited.

Uh, eventually I managed to talk about different topics as I was supposed to do but I still didn’t spend any words about last week which explains the title of this post. As you know I started my business promotion in Italy on Monday and Wednesday we celebrated it in the office with pizza and Italian ornaments: I had a lot to do but eventually yesterday I was rewarded by some nice words… The Dutch language course is still very hard but useful, because I’m more confident now and I try to speak Dutch at least during the lunch break. I was tired during the whole week which is why I wasn’t fit on Tuesday either when I met Krijn for a delicious Dutch dinner: he usually has some nice calming effects on me, but this time I was really too anxious 😦 It was also the day when Stefano discovered here the problems I have with him. I was supposed to write him an e-mail but I was too lazy and too disinterested… He’s evidently mad now. Tja… 削除

Last week I was also missing some of my favorite TV shows, like Desperate Housewives, but luckily Heroes was aired: a very exciting episode! I hope that the strike will finish soon… Yesterday I also watched Grey’s Anatomy which ends with one of the most pulp scenes ever 😕 Yuk!