Just like honey

I think I never neglected my blog so much since I started last year to be more serious with this project. Last week of silence wasn’t actually planned: it’s not that I don’t feel like blogging, it’s that I don’t have time for it! I cannot even chat with ilGrisa on skype as I used to do 😮 At work I had a very busy time because we finally launched yesterday our Italian campaign, twice a week I have my Dutch language course and when I go home I’m really exhausted while during the other evenings I have to practice by solving a lot of different exercises. This is more or less why I don’t have time to blog even if my life is quite full of experiences I wanna share with my readers.
So why the title Just Like Honey? It’s the main song of the movie Lost in Translation, which exactly represents what happened during last weekend. Apparently my neighbor upstairs has some leaking water problems: on Saturday I found lot of water on my floor and a electricity black out in the kitchen and sleeping room. Also the boiler was affected by the black out which is why I didn’t have any heating either: I was desperate. Luckily I could fix everything before going to sleep, I had only to tell my neighbor he should check his pipes… This was more complicated than expected: the building where I live has 2 entrances and 2 stairs which is why the neighbor upstairs actually lives at number 16. I went out on the street, I rang the bell of what I though was the right apartment but the Turkish man there didn’t understand my English (or my even worse Dutch) and replied that he wouldn’t have opened the door if I didn’t have my own key 😦 Frustrating. At least he came out on the balcony and I realized he wasn’t the right one to talk to. Full of hope I rang the other bell but the result didn’t change: I could let him understand what the problem was, but he got rid of me with a simple

I don’t see any water leaking in my flat

Thanks for the information, the water was leaking in my flat! Eventually the neighbor downstairs helped me and now is almost everything back to normal (apart of my bed lines lying in the kitchen to prevent any other damage to the floor until I’m sure that the problem is solved).