Rose rouge

My weekend in Paris definitively deserves a whole post, especially because some of my readers might have had problems understanding the French one :mrgreen: I’m obviously referring to my French friends who probably didn’t appreciate my style and grammar…
Anyway, as I said, I went to Paris on Saturday, by train (the ruby colored Thalys). The journey from Amsterdam is really similar to the one from Milan: a pain in the ass while the train travels at standard speed and very pleasant on the high-speed track. Last weekend was planned an interruption on the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp line which is why I had to catch the train earlier on Saturday and arrive later on Sunday: too bad. Once at destination, Gare du Nord, I quickly found my way to Luxemburg: Jf is in fact conveniently living between the famous jardins and boulevard de Saint-Germain. I found him a bit aged but basically not really changed, apart some more tattoos and the missing septum piercing… We spent the afternoon together, strolling around the city (mainly the Marais) for shopping and meeting friends. It was nice to see again for instance Patrick and Jean-Claude (the Versailles gay butcher 😀 ) but I couldn’t find Dominique anywhere 😦 In the evening we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant on my beloved rue de la Verrerie, home of my favorite shop Urban Lodge (I unfortunately couldn’t find open on Sunday), of Lucky Records (a shop dedicated only to Madonna, not that I’m such a big fan of hers, but the idea is very funny) and of the Bear’s Den (although the streets there has the other name of rue des Lombards). I also really have to notice how Parisian have changed in the last time: forget the rudeness, they’re much more friendly now! They smile, they don’t complain if your French isn’t that good, they’re even customer oriented!
On Sunday I made the most of the shopping: obviously MUJI, but also a lot of food here and there, at the supermarket, at special shops, mmm… so delicious! Especially the chocolate! Oh my god, let me change the subject. Unfortunately not all the shops were open on Sunday, because it was November 11. Paris was full of French drapeaux (flags) and I was wondering why: Jf couldn’t answer and I pointed out that maybe it had something to do with the WWI (for Italy it ended on November 4). My deduction was correct for Jf suddenly said

Mais oui c’est l’11 Novembre!

Obviously… it’s November 11 :mrgreen:
Far too soon I had to leave my beloved city, so full of memories…