Body and soul

I’ve been avoiding my blog a bit lately although I had a lot of small things to post about which I summarize here.

Pino and childSecret spell
The IT department of my company released this week the new version of our website and a lot of new features for our customers, which is why we had sort of a celebration on Friday. Everything started when we received a damn sweet piggy bank, oink oink. In the afternoon we could even enjoy a massage session: so cool! And later we had free drinks, cocktails and a small party in the office. I wanted to leave earlier to go to the Apple store and avoid the crowd for the release of Leopard but I got stuck with my colleague’s little child 😳 He’s so sweet! Joris took a picture of us, that I will post as soon as I have it.

You can bring your dog
I went to the Apple store short before 6pm to find it… closed. On October 26? Yes, temporarily closed to prepare the Leopard party at 6 o’clock :mrgreen: I waited then outside on Raadhuisstraat with all the Leopard enthusiasts and when I was inside I almost realized I couldn’t pick up my Airport Express while all the clerks were just selling Leopard, with their face painted like leopards and wearing leopard slippers 😀 Did I mention that it was all about Leopard? Well, eventually I played a bit with that wonderful OS: amazing! But I also managed to get my wireless router.

These days I’m in need of sugar, candies, whatever is stupidly sweet. Unluckily, I can’t find Chocomel Hot anymore by AH (if you don’t know what is AH, you’ve probably never been in the Netherlands) and I’m desperate. Chocomel Hot is the way to make a hot chocolate out of Senseo coffee machine, that I obviously never use for I don’t drink coffee. Actually is not the chocolate I used to drink in Italy (all the college students know exactly how nice is studying Theoretical Physics with a cup of Ciobar 😛 ), it’s just milk with chocolate flavor, but it’s so easy to prepare that I got used to…
Yesterday I then bought a huge pack of colored marshmallows: I was eating a couple of them when I read on the package

Not suitable for eating

What? My heart stopped beating: what was I eating then? I read it again and…

Not suitable for heating

Oh, heating!!! Damn ħ! Beside the marshmallows I also bought some candies my (yummy) colleague Pieter let me discover last week: Napoleon. They’re liquorice flavored (I love it) but inside there’s something liquid I couldn’t really understand. It tastes like liquorice, yes, but… Mmm… Lekker anyway. When I was eating one of them yesterday I realized that together with liquorice I tasted… ammonia! In fact they contain ammoniumchloride 😯

Yesterday I also watched TV shows and movies: Heroes was great and I loved to see Красная площадь (Red Square, Moscow, Russia) and now I have a new favorite sit-com, The Big Bang Theory 😀 I also watched the last movie by Ermanno Olmi: Centochiodi. It’s a very simple story the meaning of which is really hard to understand, though. Later I could enjoy the Director’s Cut of Death Note: a summary of its first 26 episodes with an alternative ending which I appreciated much more than the official one.


6 thoughts on “Body and soul

  1. Hallo Giuseppe,

    ik heb een beetje je blog zitten lezen (via flickr hier heen gevonden) en net bij deze post over “sugar” moest ik wel erg lachen, hoor! Je hebt een leuke stijl om te schrijven en het leest prettig! Ik zie het voor me, had mij ook zo kunnen gebeuren.

    ‘T is wel grappig met je Apple verhaal, ik was bijna ook na deze Apple winkel gegaan op vrijdag, maar omdat ik op Schiphol werk was het makkelijker voor mij toch maar weer naar de Mediamarkt te gaan (Ik lijk toch wel gek). Maar goed, ik kon gewoon niet afwachten om de nieuwe leopard te hebben… ik vrees dat de Apple marketing bij mij veel te goed werkt… 😉 Maar heb je ook leopard gekocht of niet…? 😉

    Heroes vind ik ook een leuke serie maar “The Big Bang Theory” ken ik nog niet. Ik zal eens kijken wat dat is…

    Nog een ding: ik ken uiteraard AH maar ik heb nog nooit pads voor chocomel gezien. Arrgh, dat zou wel lekker zijn en vooral handig maar je denkt dat die niet meer bestaan? Jammer.

    Leuke blog van je.

    Guido (cruisair)

  2. Hi Guido, sorry for the late answer but it was a hell of a day here!
    You probably hate me so much that you forced me to read your comment in Dutch. Luckily is easy to understand 😉
    Thank you very much for your compliments about the blog. Unfortunately I didn’t buy Leopard on Friday because… well, I’m probably going to buy it in US where Amazon sell it for as little as 109$! I perfectly know what you mean about the pwer of marketing which is why I made my job out of it :mrgreen:
    The Big Bang Theory is a sit-com with physicists as I am 😀 It’s really funny for me… I got the first episode for free on iTunes US and then… well… you know… 😉
    Go to the Chocomel homepage and find out what Chocomel Hot is 😉

  3. The Big Bang Theory is very funny (with all the actors from Roseanne aka Pappa e Ciccia in Italy.) But those researchers are having quite a life, unfortunately real life research is much sadder than it looks in the show. No whining anyway. One of the things I find hilarious is that the equations on the white-board are actually quite accurate and they mean something, that is when a character make a joke with some physics riddle the equation behind is the real one! (Giuseppe, watch the fifth episode, if you look carefully you find that the evaluation of the beta function for QCD is correct and the comments they made are correct as well. Wonderful!) Obviously all those equations and stuff are not something people would work on nowadays, for it’s all well established now, but I love that the writer took the effort to look up on books before writing mumble-jumble like in Eureka.

    Napoleon you discover them only now?! About NH_4Cl, from Wikipedia

    In several countries sal ammoniac is used to spice up liquorice-type dark candies (Finland’s salmiakki and the Netherlands’ zoute drop and the Danish Dracula Piller are popular examples), and as a flavoring for vodkas.

  4. @ilGrisa
    I confirm that the equations on the boards look quite familiar, but I can’t check anymore their exactness… I guess I have never been able to do so :mrgreen: At least, as you said, is not like Eureka but you’re the one who watches it.
    Yes, Napoleon are new to me like NH_4Cl itself… Lekker 😛

    Can keep them for me for… let’s say… 3 weeks? 😀

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