The lovecats

Finally is October 26, and Apple is going to release Leopard, latest version of the world’s best operating system… now even better! I still don’t understand why I should pay € 129, i.e. almost € 40 more than U.S. Americans: mmm I somehow feel like using my U.S. contact again :mrgreen: This evening I will visit the Apple Store in Amsterdam anyway because I have to pick up my brand new Airport Express after the old one simply died.

I can’t wait for the weekend: on Sunday I will probably visit another spot in the Netherlands while tomorrow… Dunno… I need some rest: I’m not sure what I need rest from, but also yesterday I fell asleep while watching TV. On the other hand I get up very early in the morning, like at half past six. IlGrisa would be delighted but it’s not my rhythm: I won’t mind to wake up early but I don’t want to fall asleep just after dinner 😦


One thought on “The lovecats

  1. Computers say No! :p

    I’m indeed delight to hear your change of habits, and you starting joining the forces of the Morning Persons! Today I woke up quite late (7:30am … I know everything is relative but again you don’t have 45 minutes commute …)

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