Born slippy

Orientamento SessualeToday I was pleasantly surprised to see this campaign against homophobia promoted by Toscana. It simply states

Sexual orientation is not a choice

One of the most used arguments by homophobic people is, in fact, that homosexuals choose their status like if they weren’t able to control themselves or to make the right choice. The first person I told about my homosexuality replied more or less the same way: as people choose to be thiefs or murderers, there are others who choose to be homosexuals… I personally don’t remember I made such a choice: I’ve always been gay, but not always happy 😉 and free to express myself. I don’t know whether my homosexuality is written on my genome (btw, I’m still looking for a copy of Activating Evolution) or is a result of environmental conditions, I couldn’t care less.


3 thoughts on “Born slippy

  1. This generated only disputes on this side of the Alps…

    A good idea is to let Vatican change hosting nation every four years, like olympic games… or… we could try to sell it on ebay: “complete Vatican city, pope included, two thousand years of abuses, all superstitions included!!”

  2. I personally believe that we should help those gay nations, that are not so educated and such as Vatican. So there are not so many countries where gay people are not accepted as such…

    I never understood why people are fighting against homosexuality. I mean how does it effect other people’s lives. Your not becoming gay by accepting homosexuality.

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