To the winter

It’s fucking cold! Brrr 😕 My hands freeze when I cycle in the morning and I don’t dare to open my mouth otherwise I could se my tongue turned into a piece of ice… Although I’m Italian I don’t mind cold temperatures but riding a bike to work instead of a train completely changes the experience of cold. I definitively have to wear the tuque I recently bought even if I was told it’s just for weak southern people 👿 Today I was not only feeling terribly cold but also like the life was sneaking up on me or, at least, on my bike: it simply didn’t work, it didn’t respond to my commands. So frustrating.

Yesterday I watched the latest episode of Desperate Housewives: the coolest ever 😀 Finally they introduced a gay couple who have the bad luck to meet Susan… I quote by heart:

Tuc: We have Raphael too
Susan: Oh, there are three of you! It must be… cozy 😕
Lee: Oh, yes, we’re gay Mormons!

No… Raphael is the dog! (You stupid bitch!)

But it’s absolutely clever the way Edie discovers that… Pino, shut up!


2 thoughts on “To the winter

  1. The definition of “cold” I have came into being when I went to Chicago in February: that’s cold, all the rest is just a tiny chilly wind.
    But I gotta reproach you for the yet-another use of the line: although Italian I like cold.
    Truly hateful. For there is no reason a person from Italy should prefer warm weather instead of cold ones. As for a change I prefer cold as you are well aware of (Iceland! The land of my dreams) … it’s like when I say I don’t like fresh pasta, or that usually prefer risotto over pasta and so on.
    The world is already soaked in stereotypes, without any further help.

    For the toque … it could be for weak Southern people, but it’s now rather trendy among kick-ass boulderers. So do not despair 🙂

  2. Cold
    My best definition of cold is Moscow in February 😀 Of course now Amsterdam is not at its coldest but it’s definitively colder than the last two weeks. I didn’t mean anything more. I’m going to wear something warmer when I ride the bike.

    It’s trendy I know, this is the reason why I bought it 😀

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