Man on the moon

Blogging has not been so difficult for me as during the last weeks. As I said in the previous post, I’m surprisingly very tired at evening and also in a really bad mood without knowing exactly why. When I try to blog in the morning I never find a title for my post because I don’t have my iTunes library here: I continuously resolve to format my iPod with the Windows filesystem and read it from my laptop, but… well… I never do it for a reason or another. This is the reason why I’m not able to find the song after which I should name my post. But surprisingly I found out today that some of my colleagues are sharing their iTunes library and I’m listening now to R.E.M. with Man on the Moon; ok, now they switched to Bad Day but I can’t rename my post each time a song ends, can I? Mmm, this is a nice idea! I will name this entry after the song I’m listening when I’m done with it :mrgreen: . I definitively have to go to a music concert, I need it. And it’s frustrating that I couldn’t attend the Kula Shaker’s one because of the training, the tickets for the Arctic Monkeys’ show are already sold out and Stereophonics still didn’t plan any gigs outside UK. Give me some live music!!! Or I’m going to explode… Mmm, I could go to Kaiser Chiefs’ concert on November 15, lekker! Funnily enough, they’re showing their last videoclip on TV right now 😀 Unfortunately I can’t find it on youtube, but it’s really nice and set in Central Park, NYC.

I’m not sure what’s truly altruistic anymore,
When every good thing that I do is listed and you’re keeping score

The post ends here and I’m listening to Losing My Religion which I already had on my blog: let’s then stay for Man on the Moon, ok?

Yes, kill me, please, now. I might just need a makeup first…


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