Down on the farm

Today I was more prepared for the workshop: we learned how to manage meetings and therefore we practiced how to connect with people and how to deal with friends and enemies. It was even more interesting than yesterday and since the weather was worse, we didn’t have too much sun in the glass room where we have our lessons. But I would like to talk a little bit more about the place we’re staying. I really like this farm with its very friendly owner, Jan, who provide us always with fresh coffee, tea and candies 😉 For breakfast, lunch and dinner we also get delicious handmade dishes with natural ingredients. Wow! I’m eating so much I’m going to explode! This evening’s pear pie was simply amazing: I almost wished I could puke to start eating it again :mrgreen: There are also some animals, of course, like cows, sheep, horses, goats, two sweet dogs and such a cuuute pig! So, if you would like to have a nice time in the countryside without being too far from Amsterdam, breath genuine air and enjoy nature, pass by: you’re going to enjoy this place! As you see you can even have an Internet connection to still feeling part of the outside world 😉 But I won’t suggesting it… So, why am I online? Well, I can’t leave my readers alone, can I? And, using a word I just discovered, I’m a flashpacker.