Blauwe ruis

Yesterday I was so tired when I went home that I didn’t feel like blogging: after the important meeting I had at work, which, by the way, went quite well, I took the Dutch test at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. My main goal was to avoid the absolute beginners group and I did it! But it wasn’t that easy… I first had to fill some short texts with the right missing words, then I had to proof how well I understand a complex text and finally write something about my last holiday. I managed to solve the biggest part of the first exercise mainly using… German words :mrgreen: I even got a compliment for how well I wrote one of those words 😀 Unbelievable. The reading and understanding part went even better, but I totally failed the writing text. No surprises: I was asked to describe my holiday using the past tense form that I absolutely ignore. On November 5 I will then start the course in the beginners group and I’m really happy. I even met some interesting girls who will probably be my classmates: a Finnish, an Austrian and a Greek.


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