Darts of pleasure

As many of you already know I just turned 29 or, from an even worse point of view, I just entered my 30th year of life…

I’ve been very busy in the last couple of days because a technical problem was discovered at work and I have to fix it the best I can and finally start with the business plan. This is the reason why I’m going to be involved in different meeting tomorrow before I head to the Universiteit van Amsterdam to prove my elementary Dutch knowledge and start as of November 5 the not-so-elementary-but-also-not-really-intermediate language course.
From Tuesday until Thursday I will also be out of Amsterdam (but not that far, just in the countryside) for a power of communication workshop. As far as I understood I will have my own room and probably an Internet connection which is why I won’t be totally eclipsed. For your own sake :mrgreen:

Next week will be then as hectic as last one when, beside the problems I experienced at work, I’ve been also busy preparing yesterday’s dinner for my best friends. I came up with the idea when my sister brought pizzoccheri from Italy last August, a North-Italian dish even most Italians don’t know: a flat ribbon pasta, made with buckwheat flour, cooked along with savoy cabbage, cubed potatoes, layered with pieces of (bitto) cheese and dressed with garlic and sage that are lightly fried in butter together. I really had hard time finding all the ingredients: I bought the cheese in Italy two weeks ago and, while I didn’t find the savoy cabbage, I had to use spinach instead. Eventually, with Vincent’s help, I managed somehow to cook my dinner :mrgreen: I was so excited and anxious: I never cooked for 5 people (Erik, Jörg, Krijn, Vincent and me) 😕 I guess they really appreciated the dates (the fruit, I mean :mrgreen: ) filled with mascarpone, but I hope they enjoyed their time as I did.

Ich heiße Superfantastisch
Ich trinke Schampus mit Lachsfisch
Ich heiße Superfantastisch

I also received a lot of nice presents: flowers (I was wondering why I never buy them and, voilà, Erik and Jörg read my mind and bought some for me), a lollipop with a cuuute bear, speculaas cake and cookies, a lunch box (I was going to buy two weeks ago in Italy but it was out of stock 😀 ), a nice tool to let appear virgin Mary’s face on toast bread (too cool, already used for my breakfast today), a fashionable high heels shaped door stopper and a tool to make easier dealing with chopsticks… Wow, definitively too much! The good time I had was already the best present I had to celebrate my birthday. Thanks, thanks, thanks! Jörg obviously took some pictures I’m looking forward to see :mrgreen: you can see here.

Oh yes, I personally believe… that the true star of the evening was she


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  1. Hi sweetie,

    don’t you worry! The dinner was great. I wish I had some pizzoccheri right now (instead of that delicious meal, I have to deal with Thai noodles “Typ Ente” tonight). The food was great. You know I like Italian cooking. Thanks for a lovely evening!

    … and I personally believe that I’ll post the pictures soon.

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