Area51Some weeks ago ilGrisa was checking the Amsterdam map on Google (we were probably talking about his upcoming visit to the Netherlands) and he noticed a particular place that he named Area51: for an unspecified reason a small part of the city has been clearly censored and cannot be viewed. Probably some of my Dutch readers might know why. Is it a posh area for few megalomaniac people who prefer to remain not only anonymous but also undisturbed? But even Avenue Foch in Paris is not overshadowed… Here the Megalomaniac video performed by Incubus and directed bythe divine Floria. Anyway, this Area51 is along one of my favorite cycling routes in Amsterdam: it’s because of the river IJ, the ships, the modern architecture on one side, the old on the other, the central station and that feeling of being in a harbor. Especially at night, when the lights reflects on the water, but the city is still very lively, cycling on Prins Hendrikkade is a nice experience and is one of the reasons why I feel comfortable in Amsterdam.


2 thoughts on “Megalomaniac

  1. It’s a military area of the Koninklijke Marine. I can show you more places in NL that are blurred. Probably the marine thinks that it makes a difference if you look at something from the ground (train, bike) or from the air.

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