I still have some problems to focus on a subject for my posts.

Först kom ingenting
Sen kom ingenting
Sen kom ingenting
Men ingenting, är ingenting
Dom djävlarna tog oss
En efter en
Dom ljög och bedrog oss
Med sanningen
Dom djävlarna tog min älskning, där
Från krönet av kullen kan jag se
Min förlorade värld

Reading the LP about the Netherlands, for instance, I came up with the idea to blog about my Dutch cycling experiences, but somehow I don’t manage to properly arrange my thoughts. I also would like to write something about the different English accents I’m slowly trying to identify: watching Heroes these days it’s almost impossible to miss the strong Irish accent spoken by Peter’s new friends, but I don’t recognize yet the Australian and Canadian ones. Is there any Canadian accent, btw? I used to know from South Park that

Canada sucks

but I’m wondering how Canadians suck :mrgreen: Do you remember when I wrote about Will Sasso? Probably not, because the post was in Italian… anyway, ilGrisa just let me discover another woofy Canadian bear: Tyler Labine 😛 For ilGrisa is straight, not into bears and not a bear himself (he’s rather… transparent), he just suggested me to watch the TV series Reaper in which Tyler plays. He’s definitively my other children’s father. I should perhaps fly to Canada to finally meet the lumberjack of my dreams…


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