Is it any wonder?

Gnocco FrittoI’ve been listening to Virgin Radio Italy since Arry told me about it last Saturday and I should really say that for the first time I enjoy a radio station! It’s amazing how they could suit my music taste so well… I almost wonder whether they use my personal playlists for their broadcasts :mrgreen: Funnily I almost listen to songs I used to have on my iPod exactly one year ago. Is it any wonder? by Keane or Starlight by Muse, even Meds by Placebo! The latter was indeed high rotating while I visited Amsterdam for the first time, last year.

Baby did you forget to take your meds?
And the sex and the drugs, and the complications.

Yes, I definitively did :mrgreen:
Uhm… also Virgin Radio Italy is not perfect: they’re currently broadcasting Monsoon by Tokio Hotel 8O, English translation of the (in)famous 2 years old German song Durch den Monsun. I’m going to switch to Radio Deejay: Il Trio Medusa is so funny! 😀


2 thoughts on “Is it any wonder?

  1. listen at lifegate radio, instead.
    btw have you seen on virgin radio web site that two more streaming radios are present?

  2. Lifegate is too… how to say? (come dire?)… quite? 😉
    Yes I saw the othe two stations but I didn’t listen to them yet.

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